Nose to the Grindstone

Nose to the Grindstone or should I say footΒ to the treadmill.

I signed up for the ‘Colour Me Rad’ 5K back in Jan and started training quiet well then February hit, work got insane and my ankle started playing up and it all went down hill from there… Not good, not good at all!

Well yesterday flicking through my phone I saw the count down timer to the day, just 87 left. Eeek!

Things had/have to change. I had the rare morning off so managed to pull myself out from the comfort of my warm duvets, dress and drive to the gym.

Once there I texted my buddy Kat, who’s running the 5k with me to let her know where I was before shutting my phone in the locker, plugging in my headphones and ignoring the world for a while.

40 minutes later on the treadmill and a few reps on the weights, I’m exhausted! Grabbing the phone I see Kat had pinged me a text back

Come on!!!!!! You’ve got to burn it to earn it!!!!!! You’re in the zone, a women on a mission!!!!!

That text perked me up! Made me see there was a reason I was stood here, drenched in sweat, shattered from what a fitter person could have done with no effort.

So I’ve remade my pledge to get fit, to be fit enough to run a 5k in 86 days. Kat, my long distance buddy as she leaves 3hrs away, is my “personal trainer”. I have to text her every time I hit the gym and if she doesn’t get a text for three consecutive days then I have to buy her dinner!!

Pay day has just been as well so going to get some new trainers at the weekend, but as for now, I’m going to tie the laces on the current ones and head off towards the treadmill!!Β #thisgirlcan