“Escaping” on the open road

2 friends, 2 weeks, 4 states, 3000 miles and camper van named ‘Bugsy’.

So for two weeks in September my friend and I hired an Escape Campervan from L.A. and drove around a few places!

My home for two weeks was a Ford E150, painted Grey and covered with bugs and butterflies. Officially named ‘Darwin’ he was a great companion over the two weeks – although we didn’t like his name so renamed him ‘Bugsy’ or ‘The Bug Mobile’.



Our lovely Bugsy was pretty big as both of us were used to driving Ford Focuses rather than huge vans. Also a left hand drive and automatic! Fun times. Thankfully Katherine drove us out of L.A. and once we’re out on the highways is got easier!

Out of the 14 nights we were in America we slept in him for 10 nights. The back seat and table dropped down to form the bed and apart from the cushions separating occasionally i found him pretty comfortable.


The bed in the back. Slept two of us easily enough. Probably could have slept a third if we squeezed.


The back of the van. We had a mini fridge, cooker (missing), gas, sink and crockery. The sink could be filled by the water tank and we used it for washing up although could probably use it to drink but we always had bottled.


Bugsy found a friend! Waking up at Yosemite we found another Escape Camper facing us.

If you’re ever thinking of your own road trip I’d recommend renting from Escape. They have loads of different vans designs and have three different sizes. Don’t think – go for it.