Colour Clowns

So.. I’ve potentially just done something very stupid.

I’ve just signed up for my first ever 5K. Eeek!Β 

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong, me, Yvonne, has just signed up – willingly – to run a 5k!

Saturday June 20th. Colour Me Rad near Bristol.

Only 157 days and I’m going to run with hundreds of other people, including a couple of my good friends 5K around a course whilst people throw paint over us.

What the hell was I thinking!!!! Well, at least it will be colourful!

Proof that I'm an idiot!

Proof that I’m an idiot!

I’ve never been a runner. I cycled a lot, did a few sponsored things but had a few too many accidents so have decided to take a break from the pedals. Running.. can’t hurt to bad can it. Man how wrong was I. I started doing the Couch to 5KΒ training at the gym back in November but due to the weather, work and my general lack of will power it dwindled, until today!

I’ve signed up. I’ve paid my hard earned money to race and now I have to train, buy a white tee for the run and wait for the postman to get this cool gear!


I’ll keep people that are interested up to date on here between other random blog postings no doubt!

If you’d like to join our team, we’re the ‘Colour Clowns’ and you’re more than welcome to. More the merrier right?


Winter Wanderings in Whitby

So, having worked a lot over Christmas and New Years I decided to go on a little jaunt to get away from work and home.

After spending a couple of days with friends in Hull – and popping over to the Deep to see their Penguins – I headed over to Whitby for a couple of nights.

It didn’t take long to get from Hull to Whitby, only a couple of hours and although the drive was miserable by the time I got there the mist had cleared and turned into a beautiful day.

Not being able to check into the hostel – YHA Whitby – until 2, I decided to go for a walk into town, and along the pier.


Beach at Whitby

An afternoon spent wandering was fuelled by the classic Whitby Fish & Chips for lunch before I headed to the hostel, checked in and had a well deserved rest!


Whitby Abbey – right next to the hostel!

The second day in Whitby had me heading down to Robin Hood’s Bay for hike down their old town and a stroll along the beach. Such a beautiful quaint town, but being Jan everything was shut – just like Whitby and it’s Abbey.


Robin Hood’s Bay

Time for a quick selfie on the beach before heading back!


Whitby is a beautiful place in the Winter, the only issue is every thing was closed! I will hopefully be returning in the summer when it’s warmer!

#52WeekChallenge 2015

So last year I wrote a post about this (7th Jan – can’t believe that was a year ago!). I promised myself I wouldn’t touch it, I promised myself I’d put in every week – well month as I changed the rules slightly. Well I failed!! 1/2 failed anyway, I reached July before it went to pot. Better than I expected off myself to be honest!

I’ve decided to do it again this year, but in reverse! I’m going to get the large amounts out of the way first by starting at Β£52 and counting down so when I hit Christmas I’ll only bee having to put a couple of quid away rather than big double digits! But like last year I’m going to round the weekly payments to a month and do it all on pay day straight into a separate savings account. The account is good to go, I have my spread sheet on the wall to tick off the weeks and payment.


So by the end of 2015 – which seems a long way off! I should have Β£1,378 in the bank. A tidy little sum.

I’ve heard of people doing this with little ones, using 10ps instead or even 5ps & 20ps. All good to help teach young’uns about money.

Typing it into google the other day it seems the the #52WeekChallenge has hit the list for the New Year Resolutions!

If you’re planning on doing this, Good Luck!

If you’d like the table, drop me a message in the comments and I can send it you.

Time to head to work in order to earn some money to make this challenge do-able!