Missing Out

I dont know if you’ve seen it but there is a video called ‘Look Up’ that has recently gone viral. For those who haven’t watched it its all about how we are constantly looking down, looking at our screens – tablets, mobiles,  laptops. Were not looking around anymore. Now ill admit im guilty of it. Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram – you name it I look at it. Recently ive moved into a flat where I dont have wifi and due to it being a listed building and its location and cost were not going to be getting it.

This has made me LOOK. Ive look around where I live, visited the area, cycled the area and gotten out. My phone gets mobile data so I still get my social fix but im loving the freedom not having constant internet is giving me. I talk to my flat mates, get out and am actually reading again rather than just staring at a screen.

Im going on holiday for two weeks in September and Im setting myself a challenge. I wont use social media for the duration.  Im on holiday, I’ll be seeing what I want to see. If my friends want to see it they can either come with me or wait until I return to see the photos. Ill have my camera to take photos,  tablet to book accommodation and phone for when I land. If I cant manage two weeks, then …. well …. its more of a situation that I initially thought!!

If you havent seen it you need to watch it, the link is below.

Look Up: http://youtu.be/Z7dLU6fk9QY


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