Rockin’ Road Trip

So as everyone knows the key to a fantastic road trip is the soundtrack. Now, if you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know that come September I’m heading to America for two weeks with 3 friends to do a little road trip of our own. Now the van is reserved, route is semi organised and the flights will soon be booked but the most important thing still to sort is the tunes!Β 

At the moment I’ve got a playlist simply named Β ‘U.S.A.Road Trip’ with NOTHING under it. I will be adding a few of the classics under it such as ‘Summer of ’69’, ‘Born to Run’ ‘Life is a Highway’ ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and a few of the more recent rocking tunes like ‘Hey Brother’ ‘Lost Generation’ and Bonfire Heart but my question to all of you, if you are off on a road trip – whether just to the shops or school, or off on holiday or that trip of a lifetime – what tunes are a must for your car!Β 

I have some money on my iTunes account from Christmas presents that needs spending!

Let me know in the comments, I’ve got 6 months to go and need enough music to cover around 2,500 miles!!Β