Pocket Monkey {Review}

So, just before Christmas a friend and I decided that we were going to do presents but had no idea what to get each other. We decided to choose five things we wanted, email the ideas to the other person and then they choose one. That way we got a present we wanted but it was still a surprise to what we were getting. I sent my five things to my friend and he chose to buy me the Pocket Monkey Multitool.ย 

PocketMonkey product shot

It’s a very nifty, awesome credit card sized piece of kit. It has multiple functions: 4 different screw drivers, 6 sizes of Hex wrenches, Ear bud cord wrap, Letter opener, Ruler/Straight Edge, bottle opener (clearly the thing that will be used the most!) along ย with an orange peeler, phone kickstand and door latch slip!ย 

The screw drivers are fantastic and due to the fact there are no blades/sharp edges it complies with the TSA rules so you can carry it on, unlike the credit card Swiss army style ‘knives’ you can buy.ย 

This piece of kit fits right in a credit card slot in any wallet and is now nicely tucked inside mine.ย 

If you’re like me and like gadgets, buy one! There a fantastic bit of kit and useful to have in your wallet, car, backpack or handbag.ย 

http://zootilitytools.com/ – Check out their site here!ย 


(I genuine love this piece of kit, no one is paying me to review!)


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