I’ve seen this challenge plaguing Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and other random social media pages and blogs that I follow. The concept is pretty simple. 52 weeks in the year to save money. You get a giant jar and put in £1 the first week, £2 the second week and so on and so forth until the final week where you add your £52 and your total should be around £1300 and a bit. Originally thought up by a stay at home mum, and have even seen cheaper versions to help the kids save, 10p instead of a £1 etc. 


So the concept is simple and I have a giant jar – stolen from the parents. It was just gathering dust up in the loft! I’ve even written out the check list from $ to £ and printed it off  will print it off to stick to the side of the giant jar. This whole #52weekchallenge is an exercise in money discipline for me. I really really really want to go to Australia at the end of this year but the flights are quiet pricey and what with a two week holiday touring the National Parks in America already planned for my budget is very tight. I have savings accounts but you know when you check your balance online and you really want that *dvd/jumper/new shoes/stuff* so you just transfer a few pounds and tell yourself it won’t make a difference but next time you go back online it happens again and yer, well you get the picture! The money that goes into this jar will be my flight money. I will not pick at the odd pound for a pint or swipe a fiver for fuel. It will be for Australia. I hope.

From looking around online I see that some people have gone for the £52 for the first week and working down. Fair enough plan but seeing as I don’t get a decent pay check until March I have a feeling that my weekly payments may be just thrown in to the jar in one lump some on that day – it will go in and from my first pay check it will go in weekly.

So the plan for the jar:

  • I will stick to the time table
  • I won’t swipe the odd pound here and there
  • I won’t dump loose change into the pot (will be too hard to keep track off)
  • I will save enough money for that ticket to Australia! 

Let’s see how this goes, I’ll update everyone every couple of months and Good Luck to those who are also attempting it!


3 thoughts on “#52WeekChallenge

  1. On Instagram! You liked my pic & I was like who is this? Then I discovered your blog!! I’m sure with an adventurous goal in mind you can stick to it.

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