It’s all over!

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is over, the shops have been restocked and everyone is nursing their hangovers and failed new years resolutions just two days into 2014. I can’t be bothered with making resolutions – I made one last year which I broke in the same sentence as making it ‘My resolution is not to make new year resolutions’ – fail. I like to follow the word of this cartoon:



So, now it’s two days back at work before the weekend again and then everyone goes back for the first full week of work and school of the New Year. I’m one of the rare breed that is actually looking forward to going back to work. An email from my boss came yesterday saying their just waiting for authorization to have me come back next week – fingers crossed! I’ve not worked since October due to stupidly fracturing my ankle and I miss it. I love my job and I’m hoping that this season is going to be just as awesome as the last.Β 

Assuming I get to go back next week, my days are now spent trying to find everything I need from my room, kitchen, loft and god-knows where else and then playing Tetris as I attempt to pack it all in my ford focus in one go so I don’t have to do several trips.Β 


I keep getting emails from different websites and they all hit three specific categories. 1) Weight Loss/Join a gym – well it is January after all 2) Sales – save 30% here, 10% there, buy this and get that free – all good but do I actually need any of this stuff?! and 3) HOLIDAYS – It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable so let’s spend thousands on a holiday to a hot country for a week. No thanks. I’ve got my own plans that I need to save for. Some travel emails do have some good tips, I’ll grant them that, but some just want me to spend Β£800 for an all-in week in Spain/Portugal/somewhere hot. Not my style.Β 

Not really sure what this blog post is about. Just random bits and pieces I guess. Christmas is over, New Years has come and gone and we’re all in that weird time where we’re not all back at work or school and we have to keep ourselves occupied – mainly by finishing off the left over Christmas chocolates and booze whilst watching the 101 movies that were recorded over the festive season whilst you tried to be a family and had arguments over who owed who money whilst playing Monopoly or what film was being acted out in a game of Charades. Β 

Best Wishes for 2014 everyone and hope that this year is everything you want whether you’re starting that New Job, quitting that old one, getting married, having a child (if you’re a good friend of mine then I will be buying the kid an annoying, loud, and most probably musical toy!), travelling or what ever you have planned!Β 


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