American 2014

So… two friends and me are going to road trip the National Parks in the West of the USA next year. We’ve found an awesome van rental company and we’re looking at a tent as well to sleep out under the stars – may even forget the tent and just take some tarp. Below is the route I’m looking at:

Starting in San Francisco, going down Route 1 –> Joshua Tree –> Grand Canyon –> Monument Valley –> Moab –> Arches –> Bryce –> Zion –> Yosemite –> San Francisco

There will be a couple of stop offs – Hot Springs, Lake Powell, few other places. There will be hiking, campfires, driving (lots and lots of driving), talking, photos (lots no doubt), new friends and awesome experiences.

I’ve been to a few of these places before but my friends haven’t. If anyone has any suggestions that feel free to comment. I’ve got a good seven months to plan but any suggestions are more than WELCOME πŸ˜€



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