Exercise they say, It’s good for you they say. It’s all lies. As an attempt to get fit I choose a sport that should be pretty safe. Badminton. Simple game. Hit a shuttle cock with a racket so it goes over the net. It was all going well until the opposition drop a shot just over the net and in my haste to get to it and managed to do something to my ankle which saw me on the floor, kicking my shoe of whilst my racket shot into my team members path causing him to stand on it and make him do the splits.. but on the upside we won the point!

A quick trip to A&E and they inform me I have a fractured ankle. Two days later after a trip to the Fracture Clinic I am now sporting a very fetching florescent pink cast from my toes to just below my knee.

So as long as I’m wearing this cast I deem exercise to be an evil thought up by the government!Β 

(Hopefully, I’ll be back to playing badminton in the new year).


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