A Weeks Wandering

So, the world is my oyster. I had a week off work and I decided to have a look around a few places. Two which I’ve been to before and one unknown. Oxford, London and Paris. Growing up not far from Oxford I never did the touristy things so there was part one of my week. Part 2 was London, some tourist destinations had already been done but many others to still explorer and as for Paris, well that was the unknown!

OXFORD was the same city as I remembered from my Saturday escapades as a youth with my friends. I toured the city, met up with some friends and viewed the cities colleges from up high.ย 


LONDON – apart from being able to negotiate the underground like a native I had no real idea where I was going or where I even wanted to go. I had a free day before a was joining me and I seemed to fit in a lot. St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, Westminster & Big Ben – and that was just on the first day I was there! On the second I hit Harrods, then the Tower of London and the London Dungeon’s before going to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour on the 3rd day (For those who haven’t been – it’s a must!)



PARIS – the Eurostar under the Channel Tunnel to Gard Nord before getting lost trying to find the hostel! The hostel was amazing, brand new and eco-friendly. Comfortable, cosy and the staff were brilliant. As for the city itself, well it’s Paris. I walked and walked and saw the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs Elysรฉes and Arch de Truimph. The weather was miserable but the scenery made up for it!ย 



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