Photographic Irks

So i have the week of work and decided to go on a little trip, starting in Oxford, onto London and ending in Paris. Now I’ve done Oxford and am currently in London. Both beautiful places where photographs seem to be the medium in which everyone wants to remember their trip – brilliant, I love taking photos, messing with the settings on my camrra to get black and white, sepia or even getting really fancy and selecting just one colour in an attempt to capture its beauty but what really irks me is that people seem to forgot that they’re in the middle of the street, walking along with hundreds of other people – be it tourists, locals, businessmen on their lunch breaks. They see the Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament or Big Ben and just stop dead. In the middle of the bridge with cars hurtling past so you can’t side step them unless you feel like being hospitalized for a couple days. Yes, you’re in an awesome places and yes take a photo but please be courteous to everyone else. I lost track of how many times I had to abruptly stop today because someone decided to take picture there and then without noting what was going on around them and off course, this set off a ripple effect with people bumping into me as well.

So, rant over.

If you’re on holiday/travelling or just happen to be walking down to your local and feel the need to whip out that camera, ipad or camera phone (another thing that bugs me but that’s for another rant on another day) please please just glance around before you stop!


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