I did it. I really did it. Another item checked off my bucket list, climb the highest mountain in Wales, all 1085m of it. 

I, along with two good pals, set of at 8.40 in the morning along the Snowdon Ranger path from the YHA Snowdon Ranger Hostel at the base of the mountain.  The weather warm and the sun burning we set off to conquer the mountain. 

Lots of stops, lots of photos, and lots of cajoling by each other and passer-bys we get to the summit.

Tired and exhausted we hang around at the top for a while. Munching on lunch, celebrating that we reached the summit and enjoying the superb views that the clear skies gave us. 

After one too many dirty looks from the lazy train passengers because we were overly sweaty as we had the courage to walk up, we headed back down the same track we came up – we had planned another route down  but apparently it was along a ridge and none of us felt like injuring ourselves so we took the easier option out and returned to the hostel by the way we came. 

We showered then hit the pub. A brilliant day.

  • Time started: 8.40am 
  • Time returned: 4.30pm
  • Total time: 8 hr 10 mins. 
  • Total blisters: 3 – well that’s just me, I’m sure the other two had a few as well! 
  • Total sunburns: My face and both arms – yet my legs still remain horrifically white!!


^ View from the top ^


^ Myself, Oscar and Kat at the Summit! ^


^ The summit from the pub at the bottom. You can just make out the train station/cafe at the top ^



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