The Job

So, started a new job in February ’13 and it has given me some valuable life experiences that hopefully will stand me in good stead for a future of travelling. Kitchen experience, waitress skills, reception know how and the ability to cook a three course meal for 60 people can know all be added to my C.V.

My contact has now been extended for an extra month as apparently the seniors’ have confidence in me and I’m returning next year for another season of fun – hopefully helping out more on the activity side and perhaps even volunteering for a Summer Camp.

This job was fresh air, a fresh start for me and at the moment all is going well.

America 2011

So America.. two years ago now I ventured around this vast country experiencing the joy of what it had to offer – amazing scenery, epic train rides, entertaining new friendships and experiences I will, hopefully, never forget.ย 

12 weeks, several states, some long haul bus & train journeys, a trip over the boarder to Canada and the final week in the city that never sleeps.ย 

New York > Washington D.C. > Chicago > Seattle > San Francisco > ‘Best of the West’ > San Diego > Miami > Washington D.C. > Philadelphia > Toronto > New York

Washington D.C. has one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in. HI-DC has fantastic staff, a scrumptious free breakfast, comfy beds and a location that is in walking distance to everywhere!

If you go, the Smithsonian Museums are a must, as with all the memorials. Whilst I was out there, the MLK Memorial had just been officially opened – quotes everywhere – the man was a inspiration.ย 

Chicago was fantastic, the Zoo – well penguins is all I need to say about that. Paddling in Lake Michigan on a warm September’s afternoon – what a place to be.ย 

Seattle – the place to be – although nicknamed the ‘Rainy City’ I avoided any water falling from the sky. Trips to the city, over to Bainbridge Island and several Water Polo matches to watch the Newport Knights.ย 

San Francisco – Pier 39, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and FOG.ย 

‘Best of the West’ – A Green Tortoise tour around the national parks of the West Coast. A converted coach that sleeps 36 people. Funny and fantastic coach drivers and some amazing people that made my trip. Some of who I still see and speak to now.ย 

San Diego – Arragh! “Stepped aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me!”- Barbossa’s Ship from PoC 4. Top Gun piano scene and the famous Gas Light district.ย 

Miami – Sea, Sand, Sun (and a little bit of rain) plus the World Museum of Erotic Art!

Washington D.C. – The return! Same hostel, same staff, different room and a couple of new friends!ย 

Philadelphia – Liberty Bell – it has a big crack in it! Pub crawl with people from the hostel = new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

Toronto – TIM HORTONS! CN Tower, Ice Hockey, and giant, I mean GIANT, light reindeers’ decorating the shopping malls.ย 

New York – the city that never sleeps. Mastered the subway like a local, munched pizza slices in central park and enjoyed the lights of Times Square. More awesome friends met in the city ย that I will never forget.


ImagePhoto of the entire Green Tortoise group taken by Anton ๐Ÿ™‚