Nose to the Grindstone

Nose to the Grindstone or should I say footย to the treadmill.

I signed up for the ‘Colour Me Rad’ 5K back in Jan and started training quiet well then February hit, work got insane and my ankle started playing up and it all went down hill from there… Not good, not good at all!

Well yesterday flicking through my phone I saw the count down timer to the day, just 87 left. Eeek!

Things had/have to change. I had the rare morning off so managed to pull myself out from the comfort of my warm duvets, dress and drive to the gym.

Once there I texted my buddy Kat, who’s running the 5k with me to let her know where I was before shutting my phone in the locker, plugging in my headphones and ignoring the world for a while.

40 minutes later on the treadmill and a few reps on the weights, I’m exhausted! Grabbing the phone I see Kat had pinged me a text back

Come on!!!!!! You’ve got to burn it to earn it!!!!!! You’re in the zone, a women on a mission!!!!!

That text perked me up! Made me see there was a reason I was stood here, drenched in sweat, shattered from what a fitter person could have done with no effort.

So I’ve remade my pledge to get fit, to be fit enough to run a 5k in 86 days. Kat, my long distance buddy as she leaves 3hrs away, is my “personal trainer”. I have to text her every time I hit the gym and if she doesn’t get a text for three consecutive days then I have to buy her dinner!!

Pay day has just been as well so going to get some new trainers at the weekend, but as for now, I’m going to tie the laces on the current ones and head off towards the treadmill!!ย #thisgirlcan


Colour Clowns

So.. I’ve potentially just done something very stupid.

I’ve just signed up for my first ever 5K. Eeek!ย 

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong, me, Yvonne, has just signed up – willingly – to run a 5k!

Saturday June 20th. Colour Me Rad near Bristol.

Only 157 days and I’m going to run with hundreds of other people, including a couple of my good friends 5K around a course whilst people throw paint over us.

What the hell was I thinking!!!! Well, at least it will be colourful!

Proof that I'm an idiot!

Proof that I’m an idiot!

I’ve never been a runner. I cycled a lot, did a few sponsored things but had a few too many accidents so have decided to take a break from the pedals. Running.. can’t hurt to bad can it. Man how wrong was I. I started doing the Couch to 5Kย training at the gym back in November but due to the weather, work and my general lack of will power it dwindled, until today!

I’ve signed up. I’ve paid my hard earned money to race and now I have to train, buy a white tee for the run and wait for the postman to get this cool gear!


I’ll keep people that are interested up to date on here between other random blog postings no doubt!

If you’d like to join our team, we’re the ‘Colour Clowns’ and you’re more than welcome to. More the merrier right?

Winter Wanderings in Whitby

So, having worked a lot over Christmas and New Years I decided to go on a little jaunt to get away from work and home.

After spending a couple of days with friends in Hull – and popping over to the Deep to see their Penguins – I headed over to Whitby for a couple of nights.

It didn’t take long to get from Hull to Whitby, only a couple of hours and although the drive was miserable by the time I got there the mist had cleared and turned into a beautiful day.

Not being able to check into the hostel – YHA Whitby – until 2, I decided to go for a walk into town, and along the pier.


Beach at Whitby

An afternoon spent wandering was fuelled by the classic Whitby Fish & Chips for lunch before I headed to the hostel, checked in and had a well deserved rest!


Whitby Abbey – right next to the hostel!

The second day in Whitby had me heading down to Robin Hood’s Bay for hike down their old town and a stroll along the beach. Such a beautiful quaint town, but being Jan everything was shut – just like Whitby and it’s Abbey.


Robin Hood’s Bay

Time for a quick selfie on the beach before heading back!


Whitby is a beautiful place in the Winter, the only issue is every thing was closed! I will hopefully be returning in the summer when it’s warmer!

#52WeekChallenge 2015

So last year I wrote a post about this (7th Jan – can’t believe that was a year ago!). I promised myself I wouldn’t touch it, I promised myself I’d put in every week – well month as I changed the rules slightly. Well I failed!! 1/2 failed anyway, I reached July before it went to pot. Better than I expected off myself to be honest!

I’ve decided to do it again this year, but in reverse! I’m going to get the large amounts out of the way first by starting at ยฃ52 and counting down so when I hit Christmas I’ll only bee having to put a couple of quid away rather than big double digits! But like last year I’m going to round the weekly payments to a month and do it all on pay day straight into a separate savings account. The account is good to go, I have my spread sheet on the wall to tick off the weeks and payment.


So by the end of 2015 – which seems a long way off! I should have ยฃ1,378 in the bank. A tidy little sum.

I’ve heard of people doing this with little ones, using 10ps instead or even 5ps & 20ps. All good to help teach young’uns about money.

Typing it into google the other day it seems the the #52WeekChallenge has hit the list for the New Year Resolutions!

If you’re planning on doing this, Good Luck!

If you’d like the table, drop me a message in the comments and I can send it you.

Time to head to work in order to earn some money to make this challenge do-able!


Couch to 5K!

So those of you that know me know that I’m not the athletic type. I played Basketball at Uni, Tennis and Football at School and even play Badminton now (when I can) but it was/is more for social contact than anything more.

Well… things are changing.

I’ve just turned 25 (well a couple months ago) and have decided it’s time to sort things out. I have a job I love but apart from that I don’t really have much to say about me. I’m a plus size gal, have a good group of friends and a love of travelling.

Me @ Grand Canyon

Me @ Grand Canyon

My travel plans for next year are in motion but this post and the next few to come are about the fitness plans. It’s November it’s getting cold and dark outside and taking up running at this year seems a little insane.

A friend of mine has done the ‘Change for Life – Couch to 5K’ plan and it worked so I thought let’s give it a go. Chatting to a couple of friends, come January we’re going to sign up for the first 5K that we can find – hopefully a Colour Run as they look like fun!

I’m on day 2 and already regretting it. My whole body aches! The plan is 9 weeks long..

Week one of the plan: 5 minute brisk warm up walk followed by 60 secs running 90 secs walking for 20 minutes.

Seems easy enough. Day one – nearly died. Day two – died a little less.

I’m a member of a local gym and that’s where I’m running. The weather is horrible out so I’m going to do this in a gym although with awkward splits and long shifts it may take a little longer than 9 weeks.

The treadmill is set to KM and I do my brisk walk at speed 5 and then my run is at 7.

Just to use my membership a little better than just running on a treadmill I do arm weights and leg press as well which is also killing me!

So as I progress I’ll update everyone on here. Anyone want to ask questions or give me advice or anything… just leave a comment!

For anyone who wants to give it a go themselves…


National Park Road Trip

So as the previous post rambled on about, I recently spent two weeks in America. We landed in L.A, and spent two weeks driving through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah before flying back home from LA.

The route was pretty sweet:

LA > Santa Monica > Joshua Tree National Park > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon > Monument Valley > Arches National Park > Bryce Canyon ย > Zion National Park > Yosemite National Park > Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park > Refugio Beach > LA

The highlight of the trip for me – although the whole thing was EPIC – was walking ‘The Narrows’ in Zion National Park. The Narrows is a ten mile route where you walk through the Virgin River. We only did 2.5 miles to the fork and back as it was getting deeper and we didn’t want to get too wet!

It was amazing, walking through the canyon. It was a very popular route, lots of people were walking it but it was nice as we chatted to different people along the route. I’d seriously recommend it to anyone. I plan on going back sometime to do the whole 10 miles!


Me stood in the Virgin River in Zion National Park.

Below are a few more photos from the trip:


Santa Monica


Joshua Tree

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Katherine at Monument Valley

Katherine at Monument Valley






Driving through a fallen Red Wood at Sequoia

Driving through a fallen Red Wood at Sequoia

Route 66

Route 66

“Escaping” on the open road

2 friends, 2 weeks, 4 states, 3000 miles and camper van named ‘Bugsy’.

So for two weeks in September my friend and I hired an Escape Campervan from L.A. and drove around a few places!

My home for two weeks was a Ford E150, painted Grey and covered with bugs and butterflies. Officially named ‘Darwin’ he was a great companion over the two weeks – although we didn’t like his name so renamed him ‘Bugsy’ or ‘The Bug Mobile’.



Our lovely Bugsy was pretty big as both of us were used to driving Ford Focuses rather than huge vans. Also a left hand drive and automatic! Fun times. Thankfully Katherine drove us out of L.A. and once we’re out on the highways is got easier!

Out of the 14 nights we were in America we slept in him for 10 nights. The back seat and table dropped down to form the bed and apart from the cushions separating occasionally i found him pretty comfortable.


The bed in the back. Slept two of us easily enough. Probably could have slept a third if we squeezed.


The back of the van. We had a mini fridge, cooker (missing), gas, sink and crockery. The sink could be filled by the water tank and we used it for washing up although could probably use it to drink but we always had bottled.


Bugsy found a friend! Waking up at Yosemite we found another Escape Camper facing us.

If you’re ever thinking of your own road trip I’d recommend renting from Escape. They have loads of different vans designs and have three different sizes. Don’t think – go for it.